What’s next?

We just pushed out version 0.72 of Nemo Documents with some minor fixes to crashes people have been seeing, and would like to hear ideas for what we could do next.  We have had some feature requests on getsatisfaction and are looking for more input in the same direction.

We are dedicated to helping people organize their files and to do it in a way that comes natural to people instead of burdening them. So if you have stories that we can learn from, please also share them.

What we have been thinking about is letting people define their own file types. We would like to be in a situation where we support all relevant file formats out of the box. But until we get there and for specialized files this feature would be a good idea. We know graphical people are crazy about Adobe products, so naturally we support psd, ai files out of the box. But what about lawyers, doctors, bankers or other groups? What file types are we missing currently?

Another thing we have been thinking about is to translate the program into different languages. Currently the program is English only, but from the links that come in, we can see that people all over the world are writing about us, which is very nice. Thanks! For this one to work though, we probably need people to provide translations. So if you can help here please give us a shout 🙂

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3 Responses to What’s next?

  1. Tawanda says:

    I am all for the idea of users defining their file times. I handle a few different file types on a daily basis that I would like to monitor with Nemo. In addition, how about some OneNote love, heh?:)

  2. Anders Rune Jensen says:

    OneNote is an interesting idea, although I’m not sure how used it is 🙂 It’s actually the first time I hear about it to be honest. I use notes quite a lot personally but they are all on paper, so I can’t really use them to get to things on the computer. It would be an interesting match, but I guess it requires a digital drawing pad or something like that to be really effective?

  3. Anders Rune Jensen says:

    I was looking some more into these electronic note taking applications, and there seems to be a whole bunch of them. Evernote and Google notebook are some of the notable online services. As we are already integrating with Google, adding notebook support is relatively straight forward.