Nemo Documents 0.99.4 + 0.99.5 released

For the 1.0 release we have been keen on fixing as many bugs as possible. This lead to two releases in the last week, both with a number of individual fixes. Enjoy and if you find any bugs or annoyances please let us know, so that we can get them fixed 🙂

Changelog for 0.99.4:

– Changing views now keeps folders expanded
– Fix several indexing related bugs
– Fix pressing enter to search would crash program

Changelog for 0.99.5:

– In settings: better check for filetype already exist
– Handle the way Google Chrome saves files
– Fix delete exclude dir not working with only 1 normal dir defined
– Fix when changing day the list would not start from the top again
– Sort the listview by name ascending instead descending
– By default sort by name in day/week/month/year views
– Fix clicking more items would make them shift around
– Update Lithuanian translation

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Nemo Documents 0.99.3 released

Less than two weeks since the last release we are add it again. This time a whole bunch of small fixes that should make the program a bit nicer to use. The complete list of changes are:

  • Fix several bugs related to indexing and changing filetypes
  • Fix ugly black border around items related to selection
  • Enter key now opens a document, so its easier to navigate using keyboard
  • Fix add label to multiple files in list view
  • Fix type icon not being updated when starring item
  • Fix problem where more (…) was not updated properly
  • Faster views with larger number of files (> 100)
  • Fix not being able to open a file with no default application associated with file type
  • Handle moving files from one folder to another properly
  • Don’t allow people to define the same file type twice

If you find any bugs in this version, be sure to report then in the Nemo Documents support center.

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Nemo Documents 0.99.2 released

I’m very happy to announce a new version of Nemo Documents. This version features a completely rewritten indexing part that is much faster. One of our testers reported that it now takes 30 seconds to index his collection of files rather than 3 ½ hours as before. We have also add support for drag & drop, so that files can be dragged from Nemo Documents to another program, it even works with Gmail. Finally we have made some nice usability improvements to make the program easier to use.

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Nemo Documents 0.99.1 released

Today we are pushing out a new update, the first towards a stable 1.0. A few days ago lifehacker had a great article about Nemo Documents which brought a lot of new users and with that, a lot of feedback 🙂 So we have been working more or less non-stop ever since trying to mold that feedback into a better version.

This release sees the addition of two new translations: Spanish and Catalan thanks to Francisco and Alfons. We spend quite some time tweaking the indexing performance so that it should now be both faster and lighter on the resources. We also managed to cram some other nice fixes into this release. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Thanks 🙂

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Nemo Documents 0.98 released

We have a new version out today! This version integrates jumplists from Windows 7 to make it even easier to access your files.

The jumplist will show the files you have starred and your recently opened files, and with just one click you can open your files directly. Secondly we have added shortcuts to make it easy to jump to current week or month for an overview.

We find jumplists to be one of the really good features in Windows 7 and it is only natural that we would integrate it into Nemo Documents since it is such a good fit. To make the jumplist stay in the taskbar just pin the jumplist (the second last item in the jumplist).

In this version we have also used the progressbar feature from Windows 7 to indicate when Nemo Documents is indexing and we have added a Japanese translation thanks to Yasufumi Kobayashi! Last but not least, a handful of bugs have been squashed 🙂

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Nemo Documents 0.97 released

We have just pushed out a new version. Among the changes are scrolling in year, month and week. We had been waiting with putting this in, because we wanted it just right and I’m very happy to say that I think we did 🙂

We also got two new translations in and most of the rest updated bringing the number of translations up to a total of 9 in about a month time! The new are a French translation by Olivier and a German by Wolfgang. Thanks to these two people around 200 million people can now enjoy Nemo Documents in their native language 🙂

We also got some fixes to search in, fixes to the layout so that buttons are easier to hit and they scale correctly when translated.

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Nemo Documents 0.96 released

A new release of Nemo Documents is ready. This time we managed to fix one of the more requested features, namely the ability to exclude certain folders from being indexed. We also added the ability to rename files together with some improvements tailored new users. Lastly we fixed some bugs, one which made search not find certain files.

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Nemo Documents 0.95 released

We have a new version out. Translations are still pouring in and in this version we added Hebrew and Portuguese. We have also been busy making Nemo Documents rock even harder: the ability to delete files has been added, speed has been improved and search is much improved with the introduction of relevance in list view. Enjoy 🙂

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Nemo Documents 0.93 released

It’s amazing to see how people have jumped on the new ability to translate Nemo Documents. In a week we have gotten 3 full translations (Chinese, Dutch and Russian) and one more on the way (Hebrew). Many thanks to Hans, Jerry and Ivan. If you want to help out, see this post for instructions.

I’ve also managed to squeeze in a few fixes. The biggest being that Nemo will now be able to index all your google calenders, not only your private one.

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How to translate Nemo Documents

You can now help fellow Nemo Document users by translating the software into your mother tongue. By translating the software you will help other users better understand and use Nemo Documents. Translating is not that hard, it just takes a bit of work 🙂

To translate Nemo Documents first you need to locate the existing translations and take a copy of one of those. To find the translations, open a Windows explorer and in the title bar type in the following: shell:Local Appdata\Nemo Documents\po. In this folder you will find the existing translations. Take a copy of one of those files and rename it to your language name. To find the shorthand for you language see this list. If you can’t find the file then download the following file and start translating that.

Now open the po file in Notepad and start translating. msgid is the english text and msgstr is what the same sentence means in your language. If you copied one of the previous translation files, then you will see the other translation in msgstr and you’ll have to overwrite that. The translation does not need to be literal but the meaning should be the same. It’s also a good idea to keep them to approximately the same length.

There are a few technical details, such as a {0} in a string means that {0} will be substituted with something when the program is running. And an English translation can span several lines, in which case it’s good to keep the translation also on several lines.

If you started from an existing po file, then you can view your progress by restarting Nemo Documents. Your language should show up in the language list in the settings and you can select your language from there if needed.

Current list of translations: Catalan, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Russian, Portuguese (brazil) and Spanish. Some of these may not have been released yet.

After you are happy with your translation, you can send your translation file to and I’ll make sure it’s included in the next version.

All our translators will of course get a free email license.

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