Nemo Documents – humanized file search

Finding documents again can sometimes be a daunting task. You remember vaguely what it was about, but not exactly which folder you put it in. Text searching sometimes helps but comes with its own set of problems – it only works for text and when you remember a specific unique phrase from the document.

Furthermore folders break up information into separate spaces, making it hard to get an overview of what you have been doing last week.

What if there were a more natural way to find documents? A way that was more like how the human mind works, rather than how it is efficient for a computer to store information?

Nemo Documents is a way to deal with this problem by giving you an interface that is built around using clues to access information. The basic principle is that there is not only one way of finding information; it all depends on what you remember about it. For instance if you know that you wrote the document last week, then it should be easy to get all the files that were changed last week. Similarly if you know that the file is a PDF document, then it should be simple to filter out everything else.

We have found one of the most important clues to be time.

Thus we show your files and documents into a calendar-like view that you are used to from Outlook or Google Calendars. The elements in this time view can be filtered using types, folders or text searching and adds labels into the mix.

Nemo Documents is complementary to the normal Explorer in Windows. It doesn’t change or move your files, it just sits in the background and can be used whenever you feel like it.

Today we are releasing the first beta version of Nemo Documents to the public.  It’s not final, hence the 0.6 version, but we feel it is good enough for early feedback. We are eager to hear what you think about Nemo Documents. You can use the commenting system or write to us on twitter and share your experiences. It would mean a lot to us. Thanks!

Thanks to SAN_DRINO for letting us borrow his wonderful photo.

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6 Responses to Nemo Documents – humanized file search

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  2. Martin says:

    Isn’t this similar to the Journal functionality in Outlook?

  3. Anders Rune Jensen says:

    That is a good point Martin. I’m not an office export but Nemo does seem similar to the Journal in Outlook at first glance. One of the things that sets Nemo Documents apart from Outlook Journal, is that it is not in the same way tied to only Microsoft products. We track everything a much wider range of file types. We are working on a number of features that will make the difference bigger.

    I’m curious to know if you are using the Outlook journal in your daily work and how it is working out for you?

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  5. visalus body by vi says:

    Everything should be made as simple as possible … but not simpler.

  6. Shirley says:

    Amazing post, truly!