Nemo Documents 1.2.5

We just released the fifth maintenance release for the 1.2 release which added email integration. Besides the normal bug fixes, there is one change I would like to explain in more detail in this post.

A few versions ago, we changed how modification time behaves (in some cases), and with that how files are displayed. What we did was that we said; if the creation date of the file is newer than the modification time, then it must be “better” to use. Because that point in time is more likely to be when you remember something about it. Sadly this change, while good intended, has some bad effects.

This worked well when you plugged in an external drive that you got from another person and transferred some files to your computer. In that case you are more likely to want to know when you copied the file, rather then when he changed the file.

But in almost all other cases, it is better to just use the modification time. Modification time is what Windows shows most prominently and hence, most programs have adopted to make this relevant. One example is Dropbox. Imagine you change a file on one computer. And next day you turn your other computer. Then you want to show the file as yesterday, and not when you turned on your second computer so that it synced the file. The same can be said about Google Drive and Sugar Sync which works in similar ways.

The same schenario for Dropbox could be applied to the external drive case. If you changed the file on another computer and transferred it to your current computer using an external drive, then you would want it to be displayed as when you changed it, not when you copied it.

So with version 1.2.5 this is now how it behaves. If you already had files indexed using the creation date newer than modification date, then you can reindex them to make Nemo Documents only use the modification time.

If you would rather have the old behaviour, then you can turn it on again in the settings.

Complete list of changes in 1.2.5:

  • fix double emails problem
  • fix not updating email index
  • revert back to use modification time, can be changed in advanced settings
  • make it easier to see when you deselect something in the left side
  • bigger icon
  • more space for name, folder and person in popup
  • fix performance problem
  • update Lithuanian translation
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2 Responses to Nemo Documents 1.2.5

  1. E says:

    I wish you would consider creating a program like this for the mac. Nemo looks fantastic, exactly what I need and I can’t find any other programs with a similar idea.