Nemo Documents 1.0.2 released

New release with some minor tweaks and fixes. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  • Fix scroll in week, month and year view
  • When Nemo starts up, it defaults to current week instead of last active
  • Clicking the logo now opens the menu

  • Update Lithuanian translation
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5 Responses to Nemo Documents 1.0.2 released

  1. Scotty says:

    I really like Nemo, found it mentioned on LifeHacker. It’s such a useful program. I use on it on home PC far more than I thought I would.
    But I would really love to use it in work. I have to deal with many more files in work than in home.
    But I can’t download in work. I tried downloading at home, copying to CD and installing it from the CD to my work PC but alas, that didn’t work
    Nemo must need to download extra files once installed and the evil proxy in work won’t allow it.

    I read somewhere in this forum another user having the same problem and you very kindly provided a link for a seperate download, providing a more complete download package.
    I’ve search the forum but can no longer find it.

    Please please please. Can you provide the link to download the complete nemo and so get round the evil proxy.

    Many thanks

  2. LogoCritique says:


    I like nemo, but can you make the logo and title smaller 32px or 48px and move it to a corner? I know you need promotion, but social media should be enough and there’s no need to clutter the interface with a 400px title..

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      We could look into it. On a big screen it’s not very noticable, so I havn’t really thought about it that much before actually 🙂

      And thanks for the tip, always nice to hear about other productivity improving programs 🙂

  3. LogoCritique says:

    Oh, btw is damn good companion to nemo imho.