Nemo Documents 0.99.6 released

A new version of Nemo Documents has quietly been rolling out today. This version is a culmination of things we wanted to get in before 1.0, together with a relatively large number of bug fixes. One of the most prominent new things in this release is that labels now have colors (and yes it is possible to change the color :)). Secondly marked items now look a bit nicer, and we have made it even easier to label files by simply dragging them onto labels.

We have also had time to implement some of the most requested items from our feedback system, including the ability to show 7 days in a week instead of collapsing weekends as one day. This can be configured in Settings under the Advanced tab. Another change that made it in is copy as path. A feature introduced in Vista, is now available for all versions of Windows with Nemo Documents. The feature is among other things used to easily attach files to online email programs such as Gmail. You can still drag and drop files to Gmail to attach them, if you prefer that instead 🙂

A full list of changes:

  • Add color to labels and the ability to define color
  • Implement drag and drop of files onto labels to add labels that way
  • Better indication of label when context menu is active
  • Add ability to define height of filetypes, folders and labels
  • Add 7 days a week option in Settings
  • Fix week links not working when changing months
  • Add copy as path (as found in Vista and Windows 7)
  • Make selected items look better
  • Fix day view for files with a very deep folder structure
  • Fix index not skipping excluded folders like the dropbox cache folder
  • On initial run index downloads and pictures folder also on Vista and Win7
  • Make views a bit faster
  • Fixes to the “show more items” in day view
  • Fix a bug related to Google where one would have double calendar events
  • Don’t allow file previews when models are active
  • Fix a bug in google where results would not be shown
  • Fix in day view changing labels would make view scroll to the top
  • Don’t try to get file icons for files that no longer exists
  • When folders or labels are restricted don’t show any results from Google
  • Fix selection of item related to go to month/year
  • Update several translations
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5 Responses to Nemo Documents 0.99.6 released

  1. Ron Burgin says:

    After the update, and following the re-index, no documents show up at all on my NEMO weekly sheet (or daily or monthly). What to do?

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Hello Ron

      Very strange. I have tried reindexing here and it works fine. Maybe you by accident put in a restriction, like selecting a file types, folder? Or maybe you searching for something (top right corner)?

      If that doesn’t help try restarting the program.

      Let me know if it solves your problem.


  2. peeters says:

    Hi, I just installed Linux Mint 14 64-bit Cinnamon on my computer, and if I get it right nemo is the default file browser on mint. Very happy about it, apart from the fact that I can’t colour-label folders or documents from the right-click context menu. So I found Marlin File Browser in the meantime that seems to have this option. But I’d prefer to stay with Nemo. From what I understand from above it is possible to label (and colour-label) files and folders in Nemo? If so, could you explain me how?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Those two file managers are not related except they both start with Nemo 🙂

  3. peeters says:

    Hey Anders, thx for your answer – and sorry for my mixing up things!