How to translate Nemo Documents

You can now help fellow Nemo Document users by translating the software into your mother tongue. By translating the software you will help other users better understand and use Nemo Documents. Translating is not that hard, it just takes a bit of work 🙂

To translate Nemo Documents first you need to locate the existing translations and take a copy of one of those. To find the translations, open a Windows explorer and in the title bar type in the following: shell:Local Appdata\Nemo Documents\po. In this folder you will find the existing translations. Take a copy of one of those files and rename it to your language name. To find the shorthand for you language see this list. If you can’t find the file then download the following file and start translating that.

Now open the po file in Notepad and start translating. msgid is the english text and msgstr is what the same sentence means in your language. If you copied one of the previous translation files, then you will see the other translation in msgstr and you’ll have to overwrite that. The translation does not need to be literal but the meaning should be the same. It’s also a good idea to keep them to approximately the same length.

There are a few technical details, such as a {0} in a string means that {0} will be substituted with something when the program is running. And an English translation can span several lines, in which case it’s good to keep the translation also on several lines.

If you started from an existing po file, then you can view your progress by restarting Nemo Documents. Your language should show up in the language list in the settings and you can select your language from there if needed.

Current list of translations: Catalan, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Russian, Portuguese (brazil) and Spanish. Some of these may not have been released yet.

After you are happy with your translation, you can send your translation file to and I’ll make sure it’s included in the next version.

All our translators will of course get a free email license.

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7 Responses to How to translate Nemo Documents

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  2. Rodrigo says:

    I just send you the PT-br version.
    I notice, however a little “bug”: At “year” view only appears “january” as only month. I think this quite simple to fix, but i dont know how.

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Thanks for the translation. Sadly I already got a Portuguese translation yesterday. Also from Brazil. I’ll send it to you so that you can compare maybe.

      About the bug, then yes it was a stupid bug. I’ll release a new version with pt-br and the bug fixed very soon.

  3. sariao says:

    Do you have arabic translation already?

  4. Andrew Tyler says:

    Hi, Great programme.
    Just one minor flaw; please note the English spelling of separate (correct) as opposed to seperate (incorrect). This is used in ‘file types’ in your programme.

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Hi Andrew

      The second most common flaw on the internet I see 🙁

      Thanks for letting us know, I have changed it now, so it will be fixed in the next update 🙂