Nemo is to documents what Outlook is for calendars. It’s an intuitive way to handle documents to make you more productive.

More information here.

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  1. John Stacy-Lenz says:

    Great and potentailly very useful.
    A bit of feedback / questions

    1) How can I tell which version I have installed – there is no “about” tab?
    2) How can I exclude $Recycle folders?

    Many thanks

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Thanks 🙂

      The answer is almost the same for both. You need to access the menu, from there you can get to about and settings. See this image, right click on the blue guy.

  2. John Stacy-Lenz says:

    Am sorry but I dont understand – What do you mean by “see this image, right click on the blue guy”? Otherwise can see no link to a menu. I apologise iof the answer is obvious – but it is eluding me.

  3. Anders Rune Jensen says:

    No wonder it’s hard to understand, somehow the image went missing 😉

    I have updated the post above with the image. Hopefully it should make it clear, the blue guy might be hidden because windows hides some of the icons in the notification area (lower right corner).

  4. John Stacy-Lenz says:

    I appreciate your help. Many thanks for the clarification. I now understand.

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