Nemo Documents email license

An email license allows you to take full advantage of the excellent email integration feature of Nemo Documents. Using this, you will get a single view of all your files. No matter if a file is local, attached to an email, on a network shared folder, or a Dropbox or GDrive file. This means you no longer need to worry about how you received the file or where you stored it. Imagine the time saved.

When you receive a file in an email and save it on your computer, information about who sent it is normally lost. With email integration you will be able to find files again by who sent it. Just like you can filter files by their file type, you can now filter by the person who sent it. This makes it easy to narrow down the search results or to get an overview of who sent you emails in the last month.

  • Lifetime license with free upgrades: 30 €
  • Pays for itself the first month in saved time and frustration
  • It only takes 5 minutes to get a license you can enter into Nemo Documents
  • Supports any IMAP server including Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo mail and many more