Nemo Documents loves Google

At the office we are quite fond of Google’s services such as Google Calendar and gmail. So naturally integrating google has been high on our todo list. The last two weeks we have been developing and testing a version of Nemo Documents that integrates Google Calendar and Google Docs. The integration gives one view of all your files, no matter if they are stored locally or in Google Docs.

Having a time like view on files, makes it natural also to integrate calendar events and appointments into the view. The greatest reason for doing it though, was that we had a hunch that events are something that people remember for a long time, and thus are very good clues for finding information again. As an example lets say that you want to find a specific presentation, then you can just search for the client name, and from the calendar event result with that client find the presentation, instead of having to remember the file name or where you stored it. This works no matter if you did the presentation locally or in Google Docs.

Another example: I’m trying to find some pictures I took when I was in France this summer. I remember that I took the pictures at Hellfest. So I type in hellfest in the search input field.

This will give me the following results, one of which is the tickets and the other is the calendar event:

I then click on go to week, to see all the files in that week, and tada I have found the images I was looking for.

Download the latest version, or if you already have the Nemo Documents installed just do a check for update.

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