Nemo Documents 1.3.0 released

Today we pushed out a new version with some nice improvements all around. You can now star and label email attachments, making them integrate more naturally into the whole program. Thumbsnail are a bit bigger and have correct aspect ratio, the German translation has gotten a huge update and lastly we made minor tweaks and done some performance improvements. Enjoy! 🙂

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7 Responses to Nemo Documents 1.3.0 released

  1. thomas-b says:

    Hi, nice release. 🙂 Quite fast under Win8, but sometimes it seems to disappear from my systray. Will observe that and report back.
    Thumbnails are only available for ODF documents, neither for MS files nor PDFs or images. They come in Win explorer. Anything I can do about it?

    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Strange that it disappears sometimes, I deleted my windows 8 virtual machine, because I wanted to install a 8.1. When I do that I’ll check the thumbnail problem as well. Shouldn’t be a big problem. Though it is very strange that it doens’t work for images.

      • thomas-b says:

        Hm, seems to be partly a problem of Win 8. My PDF thumbs work fine in explorer, but the images don’t. Couldn’t find a fix yet…

      • thomas-b says:

        The disappearance seems to have been a misinterpretation. Actually, it doesn’t always appear upon windows restart. But that’s common windows behaviour, when many processes compete during startup. I will try to solve it with a startup delay.

        • thomas-b says:

          Delaying helped. I am using Soluto, but I believe simply putting it in task scheduler and delaying for few minutes would work as well.

          • Anders Rune Jensen says:

            Interesting, I’ll see if we can do something about this in the future. Glad you found a solution and shared it, in case others have the same problem 🙂

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