Nemo Documents 0.99.4 + 0.99.5 released

For the 1.0 release we have been keen on fixing as many bugs as possible. This lead to two releases in the last week, both with a number of individual fixes. Enjoy and if you find any bugs or annoyances please let us know, so that we can get them fixed 🙂

Changelog for 0.99.4:

– Changing views now keeps folders expanded
– Fix several indexing related bugs
– Fix pressing enter to search would crash program

Changelog for 0.99.5:

– In settings: better check for filetype already exist
– Handle the way Google Chrome saves files
– Fix delete exclude dir not working with only 1 normal dir defined
– Fix when changing day the list would not start from the top again
– Sort the listview by name ascending instead descending
– By default sort by name in day/week/month/year views
– Fix clicking more items would make them shift around
– Update Lithuanian translation

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2 Responses to Nemo Documents 0.99.4 + 0.99.5 released

  1. Ron says:

    is there a user guide for this program. it seems very interesting but I can’t seem to figure out how it works.