Nemo Documents 0.99.3 released

Less than two weeks since the last release we are add it again. This time a whole bunch of small fixes that should make the program a bit nicer to use. The complete list of changes are:

  • Fix several bugs related to indexing and changing filetypes
  • Fix ugly black border around items related to selection
  • Enter key now opens a document, so its easier to navigate using keyboard
  • Fix add label to multiple files in list view
  • Fix type icon not being updated when starring item
  • Fix problem where more (…) was not updated properly
  • Faster views with larger number of files (> 100)
  • Fix not being able to open a file with no default application associated with file type
  • Handle moving files from one folder to another properly
  • Don’t allow people to define the same file type twice

If you find any bugs in this version, be sure to report then in the Nemo Documents support center.

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2 Responses to Nemo Documents 0.99.3 released

  1. John Stacy-Lenz says:


    Thanks so much for making the change.

    I have just tested it by creating a document in Open Office; filed it in my desktop folder; labelled it in Nemo; then I cut and moved document to own documents folder – checked Nemo – label still there – Good! I then copied document back to the desktop folder but didn’t delete it in documents folder – document in desktop folder lost the label/ still on document on documents folder..

    Is that what you have now designed it to do?

    I can’t get my mind round whether this is a logical difference. I think it makes sense to keep labels with a document regardless of whether one transfers it or just copies it between folders. I think i would like the option to decide myself whether to remove labels in Nemo and Nemo assumes label stays unless told otherwise.

    Does that make sense to you? If so shall I raise a BUG or an Improvement Request??



  2. Hello John!

    Really glad to hear that it works for you. Regarding the copying of a file, then that is as designed, but I can see your point about labels sticking with the file during a copy. So I’ll see if I can make it work there as well.