Nemo Documents 0.99.2 released

I’m very happy to announce a new version of Nemo Documents. This version features a completely rewritten indexing part that is much faster. One of our testers reported that it now takes 30 seconds to index his collection of files rather than 3 ½ hours as before. We have also add support for drag & drop, so that files can be dragged from Nemo Documents to another program, it even works with Gmail. Finally we have made some nice usability improvements to make the program easier to use.

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5 Responses to Nemo Documents 0.99.2 released

  1. RODRIGO says:

    Nice improvement, indeed!


  2. John Stacy-Lenz says:

    Anders Hi
    Thanks for the update – makes a very nice tool even nicer. Do you have any idea when you will be able to deal with the labels problem identified a couple of weeks ago.

    In my test just now (99.2) – I selected a document – added a label – opened the document in Open Office and saved as same name in a different folder – I did not delete the document in original folder. Back to Nemo which showed both versions of the document in their resrective folders but the label info had not transferred to the document in the new folder. Of course it still shows on the document in the original folder.

    I would like to see two documents with the same name in different folders with same lables. Thus whatever I do with a document – I want Nemo to maintain the lables. I can then make a decision myself whether I wish to amend the labelling or keep it as it is.



    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      Hi John

      The label problem you have identified a few weeks ago is a very serious one, and it’s one of the things I’m going to work on next.

      As for your described problem in this post, it is very hard for Nemo Documents to know that you are saving an already existing document in another place. It could match by name, but that is potentially a bit dangerous as there might be unrelated files with the same name in different folders. It also seems to me to be a bit of a special case. Or maybe you can elaborate on why you do it that way? Is it because one folder is a draft and the other is final version, or something similar?

      It seems that you are using labels quite a bit, that’s nice to know. It’s one of the features that not very many people use. How is it working for you, besides the problems you have encountered? Is it easy enough and fast enough to use?

  3. John Stacy-Lenz says:

    I have been looking for a way of labelling or tagging “documents” etc for some time and was delighted to find Nemo. I think it performs the task of filtering docs based on labels really well. – fast and easy!

    I create material to help teach English – this material I label by student / theme / year etc. I also write and of course use draft and final versions. I see labels as a way of avoiding me keeping multiple copies in multiple folders tho’ i do move stuff around.

    I am still exploring – the test I wrote about was just that a little test. It is more likely with a good label support that I will move the entire file from one place to another – keeping the labels I have allocated and adding more or even removing some . I see labels as being a fantastic help for effective document management”. .

    I would be delighted to perform any tests to help make labels work excellently. Just let me know.



    • Anders Rune Jensen says:

      John I’m glad to say that I have released a new version 0.99.3 which fixes the “labels go missing when moving from one folder to another”. Please give it a try. And thanks for sharing how you use labels 🙂