Nemo Documents 0.98 released

We have a new version out today! This version integrates jumplists from Windows 7 to make it even easier to access your files.

The jumplist will show the files you have starred and your recently opened files, and with just one click you can open your files directly. Secondly we have added shortcuts to make it easy to jump to current week or month for an overview.

We find jumplists to be one of the really good features in Windows 7 and it is only natural that we would integrate it into Nemo Documents since it is such a good fit. To make the jumplist stay in the taskbar just pin the jumplist (the second last item in the jumplist).

In this version we have also used the progressbar feature from Windows 7 to indicate when Nemo Documents is indexing and we have added a Japanese translation thanks to Yasufumi Kobayashi! Last but not least, a handful of bugs have been squashed 🙂

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2 Responses to Nemo Documents 0.98 released

  1. Naveen says:

    I just love nemo documents. It surely is very handy since I have a lot of documents that I edit every day and sometimes sorting them gets tricky.. I often miss to send the most updated version of trackers to my colleagues. I think this application is a must on every office PC.