A fix for scrolling not working on touchpads

I was working on a bug yesterday in Nemo Documents where list scrolling would not be working on a laptop. The strange thing was that scrolling was working fine with a normal mousewheel. A bit of googling revealed it to be a problem with WPF and synaptic based touchpads, a problem even in Visual Studio 2010. Synaptic has already fixed the bug in their drivers and I can confirm on two different laptops that upgrading the drivers has fixed the problem. Download the latest synaptic drivers or for IBM/lenovo laptops. Sadly Microsoft does not seem to be pushing this driver update out through their driver update mechanism or Windows update.

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One Response to A fix for scrolling not working on touchpads

  1. Chandan Kumar Rath says:

    This is informative… I faced this problem and was searching for a work-through for this problem. This is really a strange problem and microsoft should push this driver in the update with an urgent flag. Thank you very much for the information.